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Helping small and medium size enterprises to be more resilient to business challenges

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We want to help businesses of all sizes to be more resilient to the challenges ahead. We can work with you and help you build the business resilience you need

Your business can be protected in as little as 1 hour! Our innovative simple Resilience programmes, are ‘simply the best’ products across the market and designed to make it easy for any small and medium sized business to have a great business continuity capability.

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“All businesses need to know what to do when something goes wrong”

– Paul Kudray MSc FICPEM MEPS CBCI, July 2016

Business Continuity Management (BCM) can be too complicated, time consuming and costly for small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s)

So we have developed an excellent and unique resilience package perfect for your business

The ‘Simplicity in Resilience©’ Concept

It goes without saying that time and money is essential to us all so it is important you are still able to protect your business and livelihood with a great level of resilience that suits your needs

Our flexible business resilience packages will give the perfect support and strength to keep going during difficult and challenging times

Our 4 step process to resilience


From our range of resilience packages, choose which packages best suits your businesses needs.


Your own resilience pack package is immediately active and you will have direct telephone advice support to help you further.


A face to face meeting with one of our resilience experts will be arranged to help build your contingency plan with you.


Your contingency plan and capability will provide you with excellent cover and peace of mind should any disruptive challenges occur over the next 12 months.

Simplicity in Resilience© (SiR©) products all include the production of a resilient contingency plan with annual check up and support capability*

Access to full BCM support services available on request*