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Tuesday, July 25th, 2017

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“Our resilience starts as an emotion, not a process”

‘Beautiful girl (stay with me)’

Our personal resilience does not start with a negative emotion; it is not driven first and foremost by the scars, anger and sadness of failing. Those tears that come during and after a crisis, when people have to pick up the pieces of their lives or businesses.

Personal resilience, enables the feeling of being more free to fly into the world; face whatever adversity or negativity will charge towards us.

In this piece, I have chosen to adopt ‘girl’ in this context to give ‘resilience’ a formal identity. Recognise her as a being; I want to give resilience a presence rather than a concept. It is how I see her.

A protector

‘Beautiful girl (stay with me)’

We live in a world today where we are judged and feel judged by everyone. Judged by our appearances and materialistic things. Fat or thin; normal or crazy. The size of our followers on social media. The likes and reads we receive.

We are not yet fully judged on our personal resilience to life’s challenges other than there is an acceptance and growing ‘buzz’ to use the words resilience and resilient in general commentary. It has become more of an acceptable life skill necessity.

Like ‘lady luck’, resilience herself can either be with us or we can run out of it during our own times of personal crisis. We want her to stay with me and not go home. We need her; beautiful girl.

We become so frightened sometimes; scared that anything could happen to our families, friends and even ourselves. We used to crave the strength to survive and now we ask for resilience to put her wings around us; to protect us.

‘Stay with me (beautiful girl)’

Bare necessities of life

Business resilience in 2017 is so very heavily focused on the corporate world, but let us be honest here; it is because this is where the big money is to be made and lost. It is not dirty to be open and clear about that.

But all businesses, regardless of their size and turnover appeal, should have the right to have resilience. People have the right.

Because business and personal resilience are so very connected in respect of the human factor

Our livelihoods, communities and world, need both personal and business resilience to be strong for the future. Our personal resilience needs are born out of the desire and will to survive. The human race had that emotional need long before anyone had the bright idea to call business resilience ‘continuity management’. Long before IT and financial institutes were conceived.

Long before government bodies made it legislation for responding agencies to be resilient to the risks and threats of today’s world. Long before resilience became a marketable asset. A contractual requirement.

We have always had the need to be resilient within our own personal and naked needs.

Resilience for businesses and organizations has to be fundamentally wanted by the people first and foremost; as a personal emotion. There needs to be the distinct associated relationship between personal and business resilience if it is to be truly achieved. And not just blamed or balanced on the easy to look for, ‘organizational culture’ excuse.

Resilience has to be personal first and foremost. Resilience is a people lead capability.

We have a naked resilience need

She has the ability to adapt and protect us from the dangers and challenges all around. She can achieve what we need and want her to achieve, if we allow her in, because she is in our emotion and our very DNA. She is the light in the darkness.

Sometimes she just needs to be coached and guided a little to give her the confidence she needs.

But she will always be a

‘Beautiful girl (stay with me)’

Paul M Kudray


International leader in business resilience consultancy, training and coaching; Paul is an ex-emergency services commander who finished an exemplary 32 year career in the UK healthcare sector, working for the NHS – culminating in 7½ years as the Director of Resilience for one of the world’s largest ambulance services, NWAS NHS Trust. He now works with private and public sector clients around the world, training, advising, coaching and mentoring them at the highest levels about emergency and business continuity management. He is a business resilience innovator.

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