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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

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As we head towards the end of 2017, it is a natural human instinct to reflect on the year. The trials, tribulations, ups, downs, if’s buts and maybe’s. The good, the bad and the ugly. And as Christmas approaches, tradition says it’s the season of goodwill to all.

But this isn’t and shouldn’t be the exception; a ‘season’ of goodwill? Although we live in an adult world of hazards, risk, threat and harm, we also share the instinct of survival. The need and desire to be resilient. It is in our genes; our makeup, our DNA.

2017 will be another obvious year in the history of the world. That isn’t rocket science but as humans we have made it another year in which we have faced and battled the challenges of adversity.

Some have sadly lost, and some have won. That is how history goes.

My intuition tells me that it is not just a period of reflection but one of recognition for just how far we have come with our ability to want to be resilient. To protect our families and loved ones and even strangers that have been helped in difficult emergency situations.

Throughout the year there will always be great respect for the emergency services and responders for the difficult jobs they do. And rightly so. But equally, the ‘heroes’ of everyday life are the average people who go about their routine and help us when we need it, all without the want and desire for publicity.

I wrote at the end of 2016 of How 2017 will be an amazing year for business resilience and I believe, hand on heart, it has been but not just for businesses alone.

Giant steps taken not just by those paid to do it, but by those who take risks to innovate and those that just learn through experience. And in life, that really is each and every one of us.

Resilience is very much like a Generation Game. We pass on and share the experiences and the knowledge to survive. We cry sometimes and we also laugh too.

Life is for living but it is also for sharing. And that means we care. So, for everything you have done this year to care for anyone, Thank You.


Paul M Kudray


International leader in business resilience consultancy, training and coaching; Paul is an ex-emergency services commander who finished an exemplary 32 year career in the UK healthcare sector, working for the NHS – culminating in 7½ years as the Director of Resilience for one of the world’s largest ambulance services, NWAS NHS Trust. He now works with private and public sector clients around the world, training, advising, coaching and mentoring them at the highest levels about emergency and business continuity management. He is a business resilience innovator.

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