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“Everything is becoming turbulent faster than businesses are becoming resilient.”

– Paul Kudray MSc FICPEM MEPS CBCI, July 2016

A tailored business resilience solution is a necessity for a large business looking to protect itself from inevitable disasters. With our years of expereince in the resilience sector KCL can set out a strategy to ensure you’re ready for anything.

KCL has the ability and passion to support any large organisation with its resilience requirements. Our full range of services can be found here.

We are immensely professional but extremely approachable and that makes use unique in our field. We are happy to help and advise you on your needs without any obligation at all. Simply contact us and if we can’t help we can help to point you in the right direction.

Why do I need it?

As your business grows, the importance of a robust and thorough resilience plan becomes ever more important. Countless businesses both small and large are hindered by set backs, which upon reflection, could have easily been avoided. System failures, staff illness, power outages; the time to make your business water tight to these threats is now.

How can we help?

Here at KCL we offer a dynamic and comprehensive aproach. No two businesses are the same and we don’t attempt to fit every business to the same model. The three steps below outline how we create a tailored resiliece strategy.

Step 1.

We sit down with you and identify the areas of your business which could be vulnerable. This gives you as a client the chance to understand the areas of your business which could pose the biggest problems if a threat was to arise.

Step 2.

Applying the experience we have in the resilience sector, we can work with you to help identify the best options and strategies which protect your business and keep you running no matter what the setback.

Step 3.

To maximise these resilience strategies, we can then help you to integrate them into and across your business to protect you from disruptive challenges.

To find out more information about our bespoke resilience service don’t hesitate to get in touch
with us through the website or call us on +44 7918 183925.

Alternatively if you feel our tailored service is not right for your business, take a look at our Resilient60
packages which offer comprehensive business resilience in as little as 60 minutes.