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Business Continuity Management

Globally recognized as the standard capability of businesses to be crisis prepared rather than crisis prone. Our services, skills and qualifications can help your business and organization to be more resilient to hazard, threats and risks in accordance with the Business Continuity Institute (BCI) Good Practice Guidelines and the ISO 22310 standards.

ISO 22301 Lead

We can provide you with a qualified ISO 22301 Lead Auditor for Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS); helping you to measure your BCM intentions, implementation and effectiveness against the International Standards and certification.

Integrated Emergency Management

We can help your incident management teams and decision makers in a crisis to understand more about the internationally recognized frameworks for dealing with emergencies, crisis and disaster. This course can be tailored to suit your organizations needs or be part of a larger Incident Command and Control programme.

Incident Command and Control

We can help to develop your key decision makers and crisis management teams by understanding international best practice methods and applying them effectively should your business ever suffer a serious incident. We can help to coach and guide your teams to have the confidence and competence to deal with such events.

Developing Incident Management Systems

We can help you audit and review your current capabilities and assist in developing resilient and appropriate systems should they be needed in an emergency.

Emergency Command and Control Operations

Communications in a crisis is always the most critical element to warn, inform and alert the right people. We can work with you to develop and maintain simple or complex communication systems to best suit your needs and those of your key stakeholders and customers.

Strategic Leadership in a Crisis

Leadership in a crisis is key! We can help to develop, coach and guide your leaders to work effectively during a crisis. This course can be specially tailored to suit your team dynamics and give the leaders the right skills to use at the right time.

Managing the Media in a Crisis

Your organization’s reputation is critical to your continued success as a business. We can help you and your teams to recognize the best practice and skills to manage the media platforms during an emergency.

Creating Emergency Plans

Contingency plans are the best steps to get the right people, in right place, at the right time and with the right resources. Plans do not have to be complex and scary. We can help you and your teams to develop and maintain such plans so they are easy to follow and use during challenging times.

Exercising Emergency Plans

Keeping emergency plans valid and fit for purpose is critical to make sure they can still work. We can help you and your teams to find the best ways to exercise, test and maintain your emergency plans.

Incident Debriefing and Identifying Lessons

Following an incident, it is always traumatic for those involved but it also gives the excellent opportunity to learn for the experience to help future capabilities. We can help you to debrief incidents and provide welfare support to those involved by making sense of what happened and what could be improved for the future.

Recovering from Emergencies and Crisis

If an incident happens it is essential your business can recover back normal or a ‘new normality’ as quickly as possible. We can help you to understand the key steps to be taken whilst re-building your reputation and business to be a success.

Emergency Risk Management

Managing risks is always a complicated process; managing the risk of emergencies can be daunting to some but we can help with our vast experience to break down some of the myths and complexities to get your crisis prepared for the future.

Developing Business Continuity Plans

As part of our standard Business Continuity Management (BCM) services, we can help you understand and develop effective and easy to use BC Plans should they be needed in a crisis. We can take the pain and complication away for you and work with you and your teams to put in place great plans.

Developing Organisational Resilience

Organizational Resilience (OR) has become such a ‘buzz’ phrase and industry across the world in a corporate sense. But effectively, all this comes down to is the connection between your whole business operating procedures and your resilience capabilities.

Coaching and Mentoring for Leaders in a Crisis

Business decisions are different to crisis and emergency decisions; yes they may have similar qualities but leaders have to change their mindset in emergencies and we can help to develop you and your key people to understand international best practice and apply them effectively in extremely difficult times.

Public Speaking

We offer a unique approach to ‘Resilience Public Speaking’ because we are different to the average approach. We offer and engaging and approachable style that is not death by power point and merely presenting a report. We want to help everyone understand what resilience is and means not just for business but for personal reasons.